Curved Electroform

Apart from the flat electroform, customized curved electroformed cores are also available in 3D CAD.With scientific simulation and actuarial, accurate feasibility, once the case confirmed, we promise that the product has passed the regulatory certification.







K-Lite can service customer to make feasibility and help to meet best design.After K-Lite check the feasibility, we will ensure the product to meet the standards, like ECE, SAE, CCC, JIS, VSCC or etc.


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With the 3D CAD in hand, our design team is able to create the corresponding electroforming 3D model. Details of pin geometry could be supplied to customers to overcome styling issues.




K-Lite offers a wide variety of pin shapes, sizes and grades to satisfy customers with modern design and style of reflex and optimal performance. K-Lite have the know-how to produce best electroform to help customer meet the international standards. Since are the few of manufacturers to have the technology and the ability to make the “PIN” by ourselves.





Pin Assembly & Clamping

       After the pins are arranged perfectly according to the design, they are to be secured by clamping, so to prepare for the next step, plating.



Nickel is electro-deposit on the pin assembly reproduce the pins accurate geometry. The electroplating process requires 3-5 weeks to obtain a 10 mm-12 mm thickness of Nickel.




Back Plate

Upon finishing the electroform, the entire mold is formed according to the mold-status 3D CAD provided by our customers. We value each detail on the mold, including NC processing, drilling holes, precision and water line for cooling etc.










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