Rear Turn Signal Light-Vespa Sprint

Product name

Vespa Sprint Primavera smoke rear turn signal light


Apply Moto Model

Vespa Sprint 125 / 150

Vespa Primavera Spring 125 / 150


Feature of product

Blackened design

The whole lamp is designed with a blackened shell to create a black warrior fighting style.


Running light design

The special LED module creates a running light mode. When driving, the red light source warns the rear driving, and when the direction light is switched, it is automatically converted into a yellow eye-catching running light source.


Install straight up

The product adopts 3D scanning for precise positioning, Equipped with a wire set. There is no need to damage the car body or cut off the original wire set. Easy installation will make you a handsome guy right away.


ECE specification certification

The product has obtained the European traffic road standard ECE certificate, which meets the lamp brightness specification and travels more safely









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