ECE regulation for retro-reflector (1) General principles

Jun 12.2020

ECE regulation for retro-reflector


I.ECE Classification of retro-reflector

Accordance with European regulation (ECE), Retro-reflecting devices are divided into three

classes according to their photometric characteristics: Class IA or IB, Class IIIA or IIIB and Class IVA.


a. Class IA retro-reflector

b. Class IB and IIIB retro-reflector

Retro-reflecting devices of Classes IB and IIIB are devices combined with other signal lamps which are not watertight.

c. Class IIIA and IIIB retro-reflector

Triangle retro-reflectors for trailers



II.Color of reflector

a. Rear retro-reflector, non- triangular: Red

b. Rear retro-reflector, triangular: Red

c. Front retro-reflector, non- triangular: Identical to incident light 8 (White or colorless)

d. Side retro-reflector, non- triangular: Amber or Red1


1The rearmost side retro-reflector can be red if it is grouped or has part of the light emitting surface in common with the

rear position lamp, the rear end outline marker lamp, the rear fog lamp, the stop-lamp, the red rearmost side-marker lamp

or the rear retro-reflector, non- triangular.






“E /ECE/324/Add.2/Rev.4− E /ECE/TRANS/505/Add.2/Rev.4, Uniform provisions concerning the approval of retro-reflecting

devices for power-driven vehicles and their trailers”

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