May 04.2020

Can Taiwan K-Lite provide diverse solutions on package?

Yes, Taiwan K-Lite accept different package solutions for products.

The most common package we do:

Bubble bag

Poly bag

Paper box

Blister package

Can Taiwan K-Lite guarantee products meet with regulations?

Yes, Taiwan K-Lite guarantee our products have good functionality and meet with regulations such as ECE or SAE.

For Eropean market, we provide ECE (E-mark) homologation, most of the K-Lite's product been approved ECE regulation in Netherland, and lettering "E4" on the product.

For American market, we will provide testing report for self-proving. If holomogation is required, we can help with registration of DOT.SAE.

Can Taiwan K-Lite's reflector meet with StVZO / K-mark / Z-mark?

Yes, Since Taiwan K-Lite owns the technique of PIN processing skill and produces high reflectance reflex electroform in house.

We can do customized electroform and reflector to fullfill StVZO requirement.

Minimum reflective area to fullfill K-mark: The reflective area of reflector at least 1200mm2.

Minimum reflective area to fullfill Z-mark: The reflective area of reflector at least 2000mm2.

What is the IP grade of K-Lite's product?

Basically, our LED lighting products at least reach IP65. Some lighting products reach IP66 or IP67 to fit with different purposes use and circumstances.

What should I do if I want to develop new product?

1. K-Lite accept to print your logo on our current product.

2. K-Lite is welcoming new OEM/ODM project, our technical and design team would provide assistance. Please contact with us for more detail.

How can I be one of the dealer of Taiwan K-Lite?

Taiwan K-Lite is looking forward to any opportunity to cooperate. Please tell us you location and your interested product.

We accept any business idea, don’t hesitate to contact us , we will get back to you as soon as possible.