What is the general principle of reflector injection?

Jun 29.2017

1. The wall thickness range of reflector (Tooth tip to female die surface)
    (1) Small dimension reflector: the wall thickness between 1~1.3 mm
    (2) Large dimension reflector: the wall thickness between 1.5~2 mm
2. Molding conditions: 
    (1) Mold temperature: Should be 80 degrees Celsius above. 
    (2) Cycle time: Specially focus on hold pressure
    (3) Injection pressure control: Depends on the machine, but not too high
    (4) Feeding tube temperature: Depends on the material
3. Precaution of Molding: 
    (1) Please don’t injection with cold material, it will scratched reflex surface (Can not be repaired)
    (2) During injection, if need to use release agent to help releasing, please use waterborne type 
          in case it affect the photometric test value.
    (3)The material of injection should be strictly control, definitely never use recycling or secondary
    (4) If the reflector need to do vacuum evaporation, the photometric test value predestine reduce
         about 50% . It should be noted to inspect the valid reflection area of the initial design and 
         related optometry margin!