What should be noted about produce Reflex Electroform Mold?

Apr 24.2017

1. The polishing degree of female die (cavity side):
    (1) Reflector belongs to optical grade reflective product. Regardless of any type or any condition, 
          in the surface of products and outer lens of lamp, the requirements of mold material and mirror 
          polishing process is very important.
    (2)We advise that mold material of female die should use P5 grade and above, BPMHH2738C or the
         high nickel and high hardness steel will be better!
    (3) The polishing of female die should made by Hand-applied to ensure its smooth and accuracy.
          And the polishing should up to # 3000 or more. 
2. Waterway design: the design should be as close to the reflex electroform, it will be better if the 
     range is bigger and more uniform.
3. Air vent: the mold design should contain the air vent, in case to cause bad forming.