What should be noted about Reflex Electroform Mold?

Apr 24.2017

1. Reflex Electroform Produce
   (1)The thickness of nickel level (peak to the flat bottom of the reflex) is typically about 10 mm. 
        The height of mold bearer depends on the mold design)
   (2)Please provide the 3D CAD of mold design or mold core status. 
        And mark the mounting holes or waterways.
2. Reflex Electroform Installation
   (1)Must use grub screw to install and the screw should not be too long.
   (2)Check the drilling depth of reflex should correspond to the screw length and shall not exceed 6mm 
   (3)When combine the mold base and reflex electroform, do not screw too tight.  
3. Reflex Electroform Maintenance 
   (1) When the mold sealed, the reflex part should coating by gasification type spray
         (do not use emulsifying maintenance oil). 
         And in the next production, please make sure to use solvent to clean up before start to injection.  
   (2)To clean the reflex, you can soak it in acetone or use brush with the NONABRASIVE detergent to 
        scrub the tooth surface.